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I'm currently in love with QCAD and having an affair with Inkscape... both
open source and awesome!


On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 3:33 PM, Duncan Withers
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> Hi All,
> I need some advice: I'm looking for CAD (2D / 3D / Electronics)/ CAM /
> Simulation software for Linux (preferably).
> My eventual goal is to have a common list of tools for hackerspace
> members to use. I figure that if people stick  to common tools (where
> applicable) within their own hackerspaces, it will make collaboration
> easier (That's the hope anyway). That, and I'm looking for tools that I
> can use myself :-)
> I know that there are a number of tools out there (I have done some
> googling), however I am looking for tools that people on this list have
> had experience with, and know work.
> For example, I know that many people swear by
> "Eagle"(http://www.cadsoft.de/) for schematics capture and PCB layout.
> (I have used it myself and know it is a fantastic tool, although their
> license is restrictive).
> The wish-list :
> GPL or similar non-restrictive license (Times are hard, and most of us
> are tinkerers, not professionals)
> Mature / Stable / Active (If it keeps bombing it it is useless)
> Documented (If you don't know how to use it it's also useless)
> Integrates with,or is at least compatible with other common tools. (EG
> can export in a common format.)
> Cross platform (People use many different operating systems, though I
> will punt Linux if I can ;-)
> Supported (Community and / or commercial)
> Easy to use
> I would really appreciate any insight or suggestions.
> Regards,
> Duncan
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