[hackerspaces] CAD tools

Duncan Withers duncan at theopenproject.org
Wed Feb 25 21:33:51 CET 2009

Hi All,

I need some advice: I'm looking for CAD (2D / 3D / Electronics)/ CAM / 
Simulation software for Linux (preferably).

My eventual goal is to have a common list of tools for hackerspace 
members to use. I figure that if people stick  to common tools (where 
applicable) within their own hackerspaces, it will make collaboration 
easier (That's the hope anyway). That, and I'm looking for tools that I 
can use myself :-)
I know that there are a number of tools out there (I have done some 
googling), however I am looking for tools that people on this list have 
had experience with, and know work.

For example, I know that many people swear by 
"Eagle"(http://www.cadsoft.de/) for schematics capture and PCB layout. 
(I have used it myself and know it is a fantastic tool, although their 
license is restrictive).

The wish-list :

GPL or similar non-restrictive license (Times are hard, and most of us 
are tinkerers, not professionals)
Mature / Stable / Active (If it keeps bombing it it is useless)
Documented (If you don't know how to use it it's also useless)
Integrates with,or is at least compatible with other common tools. (EG 
can export in a common format.)
Cross platform (People use many different operating systems, though I 
will punt Linux if I can ;-)
Supported (Community and / or commercial)
Easy to use

I would really appreciate any insight or suggestions.



DUCTAPE Hackerspace

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