[hackerspaces] Hacktoberfest an American Love Affair

Eric Michaud eric at hackerspaces.org
Thu Aug 27 02:35:02 CEST 2009

So hackerspace breatheren and sisteren?(don't know if that works... hrmm.)

During the beginning of October on of the my good friends, Pumping Station:
One member, and electrical mixmaster Jeff "Danger Volts" Kantarek is going
to see his sister married at the Vatican. After that, he's heading up to
Munich and Deutschland in general with some designs on German hackerspaces
and the CCC.

I've copied his email below.


I'm planning on doing a tour of hacker spaces when I'm in Europe for my
sister's wedding.  I'm going to be in Rome from September 19th to the 24th,
Florence from the 25th to 28th and then I was planning to go to Berlin and
Munich until October 3rd but I'm open for going elsewhere.  My flight home
is out of Munich but i can potentially get that changed.

Ideally I would like to visit at least c-base but I'm not sure what else I
should be seeing.  I want to get a feel for what the big differences are
between hackerspaces in Europe vs the States and see how we can improve what
we're doing considering the rich history of the established spaces that
exist in Europe.

I'm interested in possibly doing some interviewing for
http://www.twohandsproject.com/ but I'm more interested in meeting and
making some connections with hackers abroad.

Jeff Kantarek
jeff.kantarek at gmail.com


If anyone wants to be apart of this or better some over the pond relations,
he'd love to meet up.


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