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john arclight arclight at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 18:06:45 CEST 2009

Our space at the 23B shop is around 1,025 ft^2.  We also have a loft
upstairs where we store stuff and have a chill-out lounge of sorts.

Being in Southern California, space is still somewhat dear and we based our
size on the amount of money we could reliably pay even if some people lost
their jobs or moved away.

With that size of space, we have a fair amount of room dedicated to large
tools like a welding booth, lathe and mill.  The office is small and not
used all that much, except for food/drink and watching movies.

The thing we use the most are the folding tables, which we usually leave set
up in the middle of the workshop area unless someone wants to work on
something big. I would love to have either more floor area or a nice
200-400ft^2 room away from our main room.

Either way, I wouldn't worry so much about the actual layout of the place
but more getting something with more space that is not in a scary
neighborhood.  You can always put up partitions yourself.

Also, when you have parties or a lot of people over, the roll-up door is
nice because it extends your useful space into the parking lot.

Finally, We have a floor plan diagram here:


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