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hi Yves,

i'll follow  up with some thoughts,  since this starts to  feel like a
remunerating thread for discussion.

i  reflected more  on the  topic  and i'm  no more  convinced of  some
arguments i've put forward in my last email. your attitude is wise.

Then today  while in  Vienna i was  handed an  interesting publication
where is  found the  following quote of  John Charles Hawley  from his
book "Postcolonial and Queer Theories. Intersections and Essays":

  Since  the 1960s  American and  Western European  gays have  set the
  agenda  for sexual  liberation and  defined its  emergence.  Western
  models of homosexuality often provide the only globally recognizable
  frameworks for discussing gay and lesbian cultures around the world,
  and thus  Western interpretative schemes are  imposed on non-Western
  societies. At the same time,  gay and lesbian lifestyles in emerging
  countries do not always neatly  fit Western paradigms, and data from
  those countries  often clash with dominant Western  models.  So too,
  the literature of emerging  countries often depicts homosexuality in
  ways  which  challenge  the   existing  tools  of  Western  literary

now i guess my  feelings about different methodologies being neglected
are to  be related to the  similar situation of  Queer cultures across
the whole emisphere, rather than just in our Western heritage.

i'm  sure  that,   if  we  are  able  to   formulate  a  comprehensive
interpretative scheme while  developing the hackerspaces movement, the
outreach of our efforts will be much, much wider.

yes, i'm also suspecting that the world could become a better place if
most people  get a part of  the hacker spirit  :) and i'd love  to see
this  discussion developing  as  a search  for  unifying traits  among
different contexts.

i for  one can  suggest the curiosity,  the attitude  of circumventing
limitations  and  to  creatively  overcome  boundaries:  a  motor  for
creativity itself.


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