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This is true - lots of interactive projects with lights, computer screens,
R/C car servos, etc are suitable for hands-on museum display and are easily
built with modest tools and space.

One activity that we do every month or so is have a "dumpster day" where we
scavenge the trash bins at all of the indistrial parks nearby our space.  We
have found metal, circuit board material, wood, tools, plastic, etc that we
reused in projects.

Most places have old pallets sitting around.   Many of these are made of oak
or even exotic woods from Asia/etc.

Lots of nice art/science projects can be built free from "recycled" items.
It also opens people's eyes to how much perfectly good stuff is thrown away
all of the time.

Also, we have made quite a few safe, robust projects that use electricity
using light switches, conduit, electrical boxes, etc that are sold as
commodity items at builder's stores.  Stuff built this way could definitely
survive heavy abuse by children and/or crowds.


On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 5:09 PM, Constantin Hofstetter <consti at consti.de>wrote:

> > Maybe some projects at hacker spaces would be well suited for exhibits at
> > museums.  Maybe museums could provide space for classes or workshops.
> My cousin is the director of exhibition at the national constitution center
> in Philadelphia - she might be interested in doing just that :-)
> so if anyone has a great idea that could/should/must go with
> that museum, email me and I will help to contact her;
> --
> Consti
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