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I am an artist living and working in Bangalore, India. I am part of a project www.samuha.in that involves 28 artists who live and practice here coming together and running a common space for a time-span of 500 days. We are an autonomous body and wish to set up a sustainable model that will enable creative thinkers and makers to own and run a space where they can share their work with their peers as well as with the public at large. 

We are trying to bridge the long and cold gap that occurs from when an artist launches their career to when they get picked up by a gallery and projected into fame :) Given the that there are less than 5 galleries in our city, and more than a few thousand artists - this is a large and relevant problem.

We have joined hands with www.urbanology.org and a motley group of start-up kids and hackers in Blore to set up a sustainable temporary structure that can be constructed, deconstructed and re-constructed in different locations in the city and country. We are in the process of designing and constructing an experimental temporary space to enable our activities.The space allows for artists, hackers, architects and designers to come in and use it on a rotational time-share basis as well as on a pay-and-use basis.

I came across your super cool project online and would love to get your feedback on our ideas and any inputs you might have to share with us on setting up a model that is sustainable and affordable to the poorest amongst us. This means that we would have to keep membership contributions etc down to about 5 Euros a month. 

Also, if any of you are interested in joining us as advisors or otherwise, please do mail me back personally, and I will add you to a small, yet growing email group of folks

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