[hackerspaces] ha.hacklaviva.net (and microblogging btw)

marc marc at hacklaviva.net
Sun Apr 19 17:06:15 CEST 2009


> liberated imagination.

some, afew days ago, have setted up that multilingual website for  
*just* reacrational purposes, please joint if you need to dump some  
funny blogging sometimes or often or forward feeds or sites we can  
link to from around..

planed to add a microblogging RSS from a group at oncoming laconi.ca  
0.8 space.....
maybe inside identi.ca it's enough...

pd. no link from hv.net to ha.hacklaviva.net , let's piefight about

> still now the  risk at stake is that "hackerspaces" become after-work

ouh yeahgree... be healthwiser and drop you work$ cos bloating u.

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