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hi Marcin,

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 04:25:58PM +0200, Marcin Kaszynski wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> time for me to stop lurking and say hello :)
> I am one  of the people building a hackerspace  in Warsaw;
> One of my  main concerns is making the  place sustainable, either by
> finding enough  members to cover  expenses out of  their (relatively
> small) fees or by finding other  sources of income. We might be able
> to find a  place very cheaply (I know some of  you were lucky enough
> to get one for free -- great!), but it is hard to depend on that.

besides the option of paying  members and the one of sponsoring, there
is also the option of squatting a place, that is occupy an empty space
in the  city and declare it liberated  for the use of  a community. no
money involved.

let's try  to elaborate  more on the  lines of "urban  hacking", while
squatting is a lot about processing information :)

we are doing that in Amsterdam  and is quite succesful, we even have a
BIG new  space that  hellekin is just  visiting these  days.  actually
many of us are from Poland, i think you should really meet some of the
polish speaking squatters' linux user group members :)

anyone planning to come over, let me know


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