[Finance] Introductions?

Ben Brown ben at kwartzlab.ca
Tue Jul 13 06:30:24 CEST 2010

Haven't seen anything on here yet despite the two-dozen people
subscribed, so perhaps introductions are in order?

I'm Ben, hailing from the Kwartzlab hackerspace in Kitchener, Ontario.
I've been the treasurer there since it's founding last July (So far so
good though!)

My big tip (from talking with frustrated treasurers) is to use a REAL
accounting package -- with good reporting! Google Docs/OO Calc/Excel
just doesn't cut it. We use a donated copy of Quickbooks. Yes, it's a
proprietary, Windows-only hellspawn (Don't even get me started on the
company behind it) but it generates any report you could ever want,
takes care of most of the mundane tasks (that a spreadsheet can't solve)
and should you ever need to see a book-keeper or accountant, you'd be
hard-pressed to find one that isn't at all familiar with it (at least in
North America). I've also heard some good things about LedgerSMB if
you're on the open source-only kick, but don't expect to find local
support for it.

Other than that, If anyone has questions or comments about the
intricacies (idiocy) of Canadian finances, collecting ridiculously high
federal taxes etc, let me know!


Ben Brown
Treasurer, Kwartzlab Society Inc.

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