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Hi folks!

Starting today, registration for Haxogreen 2012 is live!

Visit http://www.haxogreen.lu/2012/Registration in order to grab your
ticket and reserve a shirt [0].
140 tickets are up for sale, so be quick and don't miss your chance at
attending one of the youngest and most dynamic hacker-cons around Europe.
Early-bird tickets will be available until June 22nd at the price of 23 EUR.
We guarantee that this fee includes a FREE breakfast and might announce
a couple of other freebies in the upcoming days (depending on the
kindness of our sponsors ;))


[About the event]

HaxoGreen 2012 is an outdoor event that will take place from July 26th -
29th in Dudelange, Luxembourg. You can find more information on the
event, the town it is situated in, its organiser syn2cat, and any other
information people put up at our event-wiki at http://2012.haxogreen.lu.
In 2010, more than 80 people from Belgium, France, Germany, The
Netherlands and Luxembourg enjoyed a lively programm and live music from
Luxembourg's finest electronic artists.

Connect with your friends, attend our talks and workshops, meet the
speakers upfront and enjoy our activities around the camp. If you have
something you'd like to talk about or that you'd love to built with our
attendees, you can find our Call for Proposals on our weblog [1] or go
directly to the submission system at [2].


[LPI Certification]

At the camp we will probably be able to offer a Linux certification
organized by the Linux Professional Institute (http://lpi.org).

The good news is that we will fund the 12 first people to sign up for
the certification with 40 EUR - that's 50% off the regular LPI
conference price and nearly 25% off the regular assessement center
price. The fund is valid per sign-up only and not per certification exam.

The LPI programme is designed in three levels LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-3
with the first both levels divided into two separate exams and the
latter one in four exams.

The objectives of these three levels can be read on the following websites:

We highly recommend you visit the following wiki page for more details
about certification costs and how to proceed with the registration [3].


It would be nice of you to pass this mail on to your friends and fellow

Your HaxoGreen Camp-Orga Team


[0] Shirt designs aren't quite done yet, but if got one in 2010 and had
a look at this year's logo, you can be pretty certain you won't be
[1] https://www.hackerspace.lu/2012/02/03/haxogreen-2012-call-for-proposals/
[2] https://cfp.haxogreen.lu/submission/hg2012/
[3] http://www.haxogreen.lu/2012/Workshop:LPIC

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HaxoGreen 2012 - the Hackers' Summercamp in Luxembourg
July 26nd till July 29th 2012, in Dudelange, Luxembourg
Call for Proposals: http://www.haxogreen.lu
T: +352 691 44 23 24
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