[hackerspaces-theory] Hackademia @ CCCamp2015

maxigas maxigas at anargeek.net
Sat Aug 1 05:18:05 CEST 2015


This is a gathering for all researchers, game developers, designers, artists, journalists, academics, students, and hackers who research and write about hackers and related worlds (or are interested in doing so). We will come together to exchange ideas about a host of topics including methods, challenges, and lacunas. We will discuss the possibility about hosting a stand alone conference on this topic in the future. Everyone welcome!

Type	         Discussion
Kids session	 No
Keyword(s)	 political
Tags		 Hackers, Academics, Journalists
Language	 en - English

Starts at	 2015/08/15 13:00
Ends at		 2015/08/15 15:00
Duration	 120 minutes
Location	 La Quadrature du Camp

~ https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/wiki/Session:Hackademia

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