[hackerspaces-theory] article on culture of hacker and maker spaces

Andrew Schrock aschrock at usc.edu
Sat Mar 1 19:28:15 CET 2014

Hi all, 

Reviving this list to post a link to a recent paper, "education in disguise": culture of a hacker and maker space. Given the lack of published work on hacker and maker spaces, hopefully it's of some use to the collective thinking of the theory list. 



PS: like most articles, this took a while to get published... I started interviews for it in 2011. As such it is a snapshot of a hackerspace at a certain place and time. This hackerspace has changed considerably since then, as has my thinking on hacking/hacker culture, so that's one big caveat. 

Andrew Schrock
USC Annenberg Doctoral Candidate
aschrock at usc.edu

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