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Federico Pecchini <fpecchini at gmail.com> ha scritto:

>Hi everybody, nice to talk to you all.
>I hope i don´t annoy you or steal some of your time.
>My name is Federico Pecchini, im 25 yo, italian, sailor by trade, at the 
>moment woofing (volunteering on organic farms) through South America.
>This is my idea:
>We need to develop a PLATFORM that groups all present alternative economy 
>inspired institutions and people, promotes food and energy self-sufficiency 
>through knowledge-sharing and community work, operating through some 
>decentralized digital currency.
>We need a platform where the individual user is enabled to contact the 
>right people and existing organisations in order to succesfully get 
>emancipated from this economic system and start enjoying a new one! The 
>individual user needs:
>- Resources
>- Knowledge
>Im thinking of a platform that acts as a link between all present 
>alternative activism projects, local or international, and the internet 
>The main features would be:
>1. All existing sharing-expense travel sites such as hitchhiking, sailing, 
>couchsurfing, house-sharing, woofing, volunteering handled with one public 
>2. Links to the local Alternative Food Network, or CSA group, and all kinds 
>of community based local business and creation of a Global Peer-to-Peer 
>Market that works with Bitcoins.
>3. Links to all existing open-source knowledge-sharing groups and 
>organisations such as Open Universities, Hackerspaces, FabLabs and other 
>Independent Research Foundations.
>I´m thinking of a simple - yet catchy interface, with an avatar and a sorth 
>of Earth Passport, a well organized social network with chat service and 
>Now tell me my brothers and sisters, is all this doable? Do you agree it 
>could be a momentum-changing project? Who is willing to discuss it and work 
>on it?
>I trasure your opinions,
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