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That's a very exciting idea. Hackerspaces are already constantly self-publishing information as how-tos, presentations, image streams, blog posts and so on. It seems like a natural jump to put that information into a more formal document. 

To touch on Padraic's question -- to me, theory is about what makes hackerspaces work and why. There's a lot of ideas floating around in different fields, like education, sociology and business about why these community organizations & informal learning spaces are important. Also more popular writing like Chris Anderson's latest. 


On Dec 4, 2012, at 1:43 PM, Yves Quemener wrote:

> Not exactly "hackerspace research" but rather "hackerspaces' research" : I
> have been toying with the idea that some hackerspaces, rather than be just
> workshops, could be research lab, making regular scientific publications.
> The typical scientific publication process is to submit a draft to a
> journal comittee, which will suggest modifications, accept the final paper
> or reject it. It is not required to be a member of an official lab. More
> than that, the most important way to make a lab "official" is to have
> publications in serious journals.
> Does anyone know of people who did that with success? Does anyone know of
> journals that would be the most appropriate? I think that an important
> improvement of certain type of 3D printers or a use of unusual printing
> material are publishable research.
> On 05/12/12 04:51, Padraic Harley wrote:
>> I'd be very interested in this as well. I'm also curious as to what people
>> would count under theory?
>> I think that quite a few of the conversations that pop up on 'discuss'
>> would be better suited to here but I'd like to hear what ye think.
>> Cheers,
>> Padraic

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