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From: Andrew Schrock <aschrock at usc.edu>
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> Hi (again!) Maxigas, 
> Good question. This is the first email I received from this list since signing up
> over a year ago. I'm game to help make this more lively and useful! 

hehe, nice.  OK, since i am scanning to formulate my research question these days, i will post some ideas for discussion here, too.

> Also this might be an interesting topic for future presentations: how to maintain
> a larger repository of hackerspace research and hacker culture? Us hacker types
> seem better at creating resources than thinking about their long-term contexts of
> use. 

the whole web is supernonpersistent stuff.  i think the first step is to refresh 




and maybe duplicate them on the p2pfoundation wiki.

that was we make sure that at least one of those sites will have
outdated documentation at all times, hehe. :P

if done we know that we can do stuff, feel good from getting things
done, and then we can gear up our ambitions.

how do you store your references?  i am thinking about refreshing a
public bibtex file daily.

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