[SpaceProgram] BigWhoop is live during NASA Space Apps Challenge 2015. Call for beta testing of RTLSDR Global Radio Spectrum Monitoring! (Github link inside)

Constellation constellation at aerospaceresearch.net
Sun Apr 12 01:16:20 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,

we are live with BigWhoop and ready to monitor the radio spectrum!

We are calling all interested Software Defined Radio fans out there to test
our alpha for the sensor node we hacked together during the NASA Space Apps
Stuttgart 2015 that is currently happening in shackspace.

We know we need to tweak it, we will do that the next days, but with your
help, we can already monitor the spectrum and detect all signals within.
And hopefully, this will grow up to be our ground station software we need
for our Distributed Ground Station Network for tracking satellites.

So we would really appreciate if you plugin your RTL-SDR dongles, use our
"node" software you can find via link to Github here[0] and send us the
first results of what is active in radio at your place.

Feel free to contact us with any comment or just push code to the Github

Best, and good night for now,

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