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"Buzz Aldrin’s Unified Space Vision (USV) is a blueprint that will maintain U.S. leadership in human spaceflight, avoid a counterproductive space race with China to be second back to the moon, and lead to a permanent American-led human presence on Mars by 2035."

And while that is stated as USA dominant ... "The idea is to build strategically diverse teams for missions in space. Crews would be composed of people from nations slightly friendly, hostile or even at war with each other on earth. Since Space is a new frontier, without territories, boundaries, national sovereignties or ownership, it is the ideal staging point to demonstrate that people of all cultural beliefs and religious backgrounds are able to set aside differences and work harmoniously for common goals for the greater good. The space environment would give humankind an opportunity to establish new precedents and create defining moments in the struggle for worldwide peace. The selected space crew and travelers would be fully trained active participants of the highly publicized missions."

Unfortunately the visionary path starts by extending the space shuttle thru 2015.
Still this could be used as a basis for discussion (along with that Rockwell one from last month) for planning a path forward based on a more diverse, global approach.

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