[SpaceProgram] Migrating to Google Group SpaceGAMBIT

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 23:48:21 CEST 2012

We have started the migration to the SpaceGAMBIT google group.
We are doing this mostly for the ease of use and administration offered by the groups
You are also able to view messages exclusively on the web, as a digest email, as an abridged digest and as all email.
Those who are already subscribed to the spaceprogram list should be getting added to the google group with the same delivery they used previously. Google does restrict us to adding 10 people at a time so the 130+ users will take some time to migrate completely.
They also kick you out of the Direct Add mode after you have added some number of people. Then we have to wait some unspecified period of time to add more.

Stay Tooned or go add yourselves at

If you want to totally opt out, send me an email off list.

Jerry Isdale
isdale at spacegambit.org
USA Program Lead, SpaceGAMBIT
Global Alliance of Makers Building Interstellar Technology
http://MauiMakers.com - my makerspace

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