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Sun May 20 06:52:07 CEST 2012

I was in tech review for some gubmnt contracts for a while.  Also, I  
have passing familiarity with DARPA requirements.  I offer my meager  
help on this, too.
As I remember it, DARPA's mission is to foster tech growth and  
business growth.  They do not get involved in their funding efforts  
except to be sure the money they grant goes where it is supposed to  
go. (Fraud, etc.)  In general, whatever their grantees do with the  
research that is accomplished belongs to the grantee.  There are  
exceptions in their history and their charter may have changed since I  
last talked with them, over 8 years ago.  In any case, count me in.

David Merchant
lightly active member of Makers 256 and keenly interested in space efforts.

Quoting Jerry Isdale <isdale at gmail.com>:

> The Makers Local 256 Huntsville Al, usa  has gotten word of our HSP  
> and after some email and phone calls, they sat together and talked  
> and posted a bunch of interesting comments on the wiki page...
> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Talk:Hackerspaces_Global_Space_Program
> My basic reply was:
> Excellent questions... At this point I (jerry isdale) have very very  
> few solid answers. We are currently just starting contract  
> negotiation - like they sent me a couple emails saying we'll get  
> back to you shortly. Most of these questions need to be addressed in  
> the negotiations. Our first task - in parallel with early  
> negotatiions - is to set up the company that will actually sign the  
> contract. We need people to help put this together. Then we can  
> answer the questions.
> Jerry Isdale
> isdale at gmail.com

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