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Jerry Isdale jerry at mauimakers.com
Thu Jan 12 09:12:54 CET 2012

I havent read the RFP docs but a 2 volume proposal is standard for DARPA and many other USGovt proposals Ive dealt with in past.  The Tech Volume is where you talk science/tech and management plan - they will evaluate on both.  The Cost Volume is looked at by a whole different bunch of people (ok some overlap).  These are the accounting nerds - and they are looking at all the expenses/costs and accounting practices proposed.  Read carefully to see what parts of the FAR (Federal Accounting Regulation) or other reporting requirements they ask for.  Accounting for a project can be a very significant part of overhead - and needs to be accounted for itself in the cost volume.

Sorry I havent got the bandwidth lately to participate more actively. I got 4 maker proposal/projects in the works now and the other 1000 that got postponed... along with my personal workshop building.

Jerry Isdale

On Jan 11, 2012, at 5:20 PM, Alex Cureton-Griffiths wrote:

> It mentions in the DARPA guidelines that there should be 2 documents
> (well, 2 volumes) submitted. One is the proposal and the other is
> costs. I've put up a new doc with just the costs parts:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a6ooMMBpgBKGEUbKc_icCmAzlAkwSgih34HnmCmhG3o/edit
> Open to editing by all
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