[SpaceProgram] Final 100YSS proposal delivered to DARPA

Huei Ming Tan tanhueiming at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 17:12:39 CET 2011

Pardon the late reply, as I was busy catching up on what I've been missing
out on life over the past week! I too, am glad to have worked with such
engaged and collaborative guys in writing the proposal   so thanks guys for
the experience!

Warmest regards,
Huei Ming

P.S.: I can only claim so much of the writing credit, since the bulk of my
effort is rewriting based on Ricky, Paul and Jerry's input! And since I'm
Malaysian and not Singaporean that rounds it up to a nice round number of 5
countries! :D

On Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 11:30 PM, Joelfirenze EddieChoo <
joelfirenze2010 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I will just qualify that I, Eddie Choo, did pretty much nothing, and that
> virtually all of the credit should go to Huei Ming Tan. I'm be happy to
> contribute in any way I can.
> Awesome stuff, still.
> Cheers,
> Eddie
> On 11-Nov-2011, at 11:32 PM, Ricky Ng-Adam wrote:
> Hello all!
> It's still got warts but I'm personally pretty happy with the results...
> You can see the PDF here:
> https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-PYJiOSewXLNGU2YTE4MWMtZTc5OC00NWM4LTk3ZGMtYmNhZGZmZTkzY2U0
> 40 pages in less than 72 hours is a big achievement and it's truly been a
> global effort and a nice example of inter-hackerspaces collaboration. Huei
> Ming Tan (who did the bulk of the writing!) and Eddie Choo from Ground Up
> Initiative in Singapore (http://groundupinitiative.org/) with a lot of
> incredibly valuable and numerous feedback from Paul Szymkowiak and friends
> from Connected Community Hackerspace (http://hackmelbourne.org) in
> Australia and Jerry Isdale from Maui Makers (http://mauimakers.com) plus
> many others leaving comments here and elsewhere.
> Thanks in particular to Paul and Jerry who made it possible for the
> document to go from mediocre to passable!
> And a big, big thanks to Justin Myers from HacDC in Washington DC (
> http://www.hacdc.org/) who hand-delivered the document at the DARPA
> office in Arlington as you can see in the attachment...
> When you think about it, this is hackers from 4.5 countries (China,
> Singapore, Australia, US and honestly, Maui, Hawaii is in the middle of the
> Pacific so far away from the continental US ^_^) collaborating together. I
> think whether or not we get the grant (and we should, as I'm convinced
> Hackerspaces are the only viable option for 100YSS) this is awesome!
> Now we have to wait to see who gets selected for the half a million
> dollars grant... If and when this happens, the initial caretakers will
> create the 100YSS nonprofit and a charter.  Interested Hackerspaces
> representatives (one per Hackerspace) will be voted in the organization.
> These representative will then select staff members from candidates for the
> first 3 months (renewable), gather project proposals and start funding each
> one by one.
> Thanks,
> --
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