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*It’s finally here: OpenMedia’s positive vision for sharing and 
collaborating online. Over 300,000 people from around the world helped 
shape our plan for modernizing copyright laws for the 21st century. *

*The more people who rally behind our positive alternative to the 
Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Internet Censorship plan, the harder we’ll 
be to ignore. Read our report online now - and send our powerful 
recommendations to key decision-makers. 

Take Action! 

OpenMedia works hard to keep our community informed about how Big 
Telecom wants to control what we see and do online - most recently it 
was their plan to force our Internet into a slow lane^1 .

Now, our community is head-to-head with Internet censorship through the 
largest-ever international trade agreement - the Trans-Pacific 
Partnership (TPP).

We’ve heard from hundreds of thousands of people worldwide^2 that they 
are concerned that new regulations that would be imposed under the TPP 
could *make our Internet more expensive, censored, and policed.^3 *

*We need to take action now to stop the TPP Internet censorship plan 
from becoming a reality. Read our crowdsourced report on Free Expression 
- and send to decision-makers our positive vision for sharing and 
collaborating online. 

If we told you that over 300,000 people from 155 countries around the 
world came together to create this solution for how to preserve Internet 
freedom - would you believe it?

Seeing is believing - read our crowdsourced plan and send it to your 
decision-makers with our tool now. 

*After all, the Internet is our shared public platform* - all those who 
use it should be engaged in key decisions that will shape its future.

Our report comes at a critical time - *in just a few days, industry 
lobbyists and bureaucrats are meeting in Canberra, Australia in an 
attempt to push through their Internet censorship plan.^4 *

It’s more important than ever that the pro-Internet community comes 
together to present a positive alternative.

At OpenMedia we believe rules governing our online expression should be 
shaped by the people who would be most impacted by them - Internet users 
like you, Odette.

This report represents our shared positive vision -- creating it 
wouldn't have been possible without our donors, sharers, and digital 
activists like you.

Watching people all over the world come together to take back power over 
the Internet has been so inspiring.

*That’s why we need you to help us make this go viral. Read our report 
and send it to decision-makers in your area. * 

Be part of the positive vision,

Josh, Meghan, Reilly and Steve, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

/P.S.: You’ve helped us get 90% of the way there - now help push us over 
the edge! Donate to help us get our report into the hands of 
around the world, so that we can make the biggest impact possible./

[1] Big Telecom vs. the World. Source. 
[2] **Total numbers from all OpenMedia actions on free expression 
include: http://stopthetrap.net - 112,145 signatures, 
http://ourfairdeal.org - 19,694 signatures, https://openmedia.org/froman 
- 22,867 signatures, https://openmedia.org/censorship - 141,130 
signatures, https://stopthesecrecy.net - 161,026 signatures, 
https://openmedia.org/expression - 62,670 signatures, 
https://openmedia.org/letter - 912 supporters, who used our Letter to 
the Editor tool, https://openmedia.org/facetoface - 29,041 participants 
(with duplicate actions removed, the number of unique supporters is 
[3] Broad coalition to TPP governments: pull provisions that restrict 
access to knowledge and open innovation. Source. 
[4] TPP ministerial session eyed for Oct. 25 to 27. Japan Times. 


We are an award-winning network of people and organizations working to 
safeguard the possibilities of the open Internet. We work toward 
informed and participatory digital policy. You can follow us on 
and like us on *Facebook* 

We rely on donations from people like you to operate. Even the smallest 
contributions go a long way to make your voice heard. *
Please consider donating today. 

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