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Lun 13 Aou 13:15:51 CEST 2012

Hello Hackitat,

We are neither famous nor infamous but our place was founded by a core of
people who were initially in the pirate party. We are still a young place
(~1 year) and we do not have yet a strong identity or many political
projects rolling. The lolBox may interest you however : an improved
piratebox that recreate the experience of tape switching parties with newer

Shoot us a mail on the mailing list (in CC to this message) if you are
interested in meeting us. We are the Lyon Open Lab, living in Lyon, France.


On 08/10/2012 08:57 AM, Damien Clauzel wrote:
> Si ça intéresse…
> Damien
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>> De : Hackitat <ohai at hackitat.com> Objet : We want to meet hackers
>> world wide Date : 10 août 2012 08:56:09 HAEC À :
>> <cairohackerspace at gmail.com>
>> Hi we are making a documentary about the global hacker culture,
>> especially, the political side of hacking. We are emailing spaces
>> around the world to see what kind of interesting projects that are in
>> process so that we can feature them in the documentary. We want to
>> tell the story of the hacker community with the voices of the hackers
>> themselves. We also want to do a film about the global hacker culture
>> visiting the four corners of the earth.
>> Below is a text about the film.
>> On the 29th of November 2009 Malmö's hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen
>> was raided by masked riot police.
>> Armed with batons and pepper spray they stormed the social center
>> where the hackerspace housed and confiscated computers and other
>> technical equipment.
>> One of the people detained was a hacker named mackt. With a background
>> in The Pirate Bay, for him the raid was yet another proof of society’s
>> mistrust and lack of understanding of hacker culture.
>> After the incident he wanted to do something about the distorted image
>> of hackers. He contacted the film collective RåFILM in Malmö and the
>> idea was born to make a documentary that explains the political
>> aspects of hacker culture beyond the simplifications and
>> preconceptions.
>> The film will take them out on a long trip to the famous and infamous
>> hackers and activists around the world, hackers that express
>> themselves artistically and politically through technology. What are
>> their motivations? What are the politics and activism hacker culture
>> has shaped out? How does this impact our world? The film will feature
>> unique encounters with people that usually elude the public. It will
>> crash land in the middle of the conflict currently taking place
>> between those who want to keep the technology and the Internet free
>> and those who want to control it.
>> Cheers, Alex, Gonzalo and Mackt
>> This is our crowdfunding. Please spread or support if you like 
>> http://www.indiegogo.com/hackitat-a-film-about-political-hacking-world-wide
>> http://hackitat.com Here is our PGP key for sensitive inquiries:
>> http://hackitat.com/pgp.asc XMPP: hackitat at jabber.ccc.de Skype:
>> Gonzalo_pr,  mackt_, rafilm_veitch
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