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Fernando Galindo fernandogalin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 16:21:58 CET 2011

first apologize for my null french language skills. my name is
Fernando, i come from spain and i'm going to live this year in lyon.
maybe some of you remember me for some old mails... nice to meet you
all!! i signed up to this mailing-list when i was looking for a
hackerspace or a hacklab in this city, in order to meet people and
maybe to colaborate in some cool projects. at this moment i dont
understand almost anything in other mails(sorry about that :P), i'm
looking for a french course in order to solve my language limitation,
so i think it will be easy to me soon.. by the way, i wonder if you
have a date soon to meet in some place, because i'd like to meet you
in person while drinking a beer or so on.. if so, please send me the
date and the address and i will be there.
also i'd like to talk about some projects i'd like to develope this
year, maybe someone could find it interesting..
thanks and
best regards.


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