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Rejo Zenger rejo at zenger.nl
Sun Mar 23 15:06:25 CET 2014

Hi there!

As not everyone knows me, here's a short introduction. 

Most importantly, I am passionate about our civil rights, our freedoms 
and a transparent government. Both in my day time job as well as in my 
spare time, I am researching all kinds of privacy-related matters. I do 
this sometimes in close cooperation with media outlets, making sure the 
problems are exposed. For example, the extensive use of military drones 
by the Dutch police is on the political agenda now, mostly due to my 

At the moment my work as a privacy advocate at the Dutch civil rights 
organisation Bits of Freedom pays the bills. Prior to that I have been 
employed as a system administrator at a number of small Dutch ISP's as 
well as two new media foundations. I have done lots of volunteering in 
the past. 

The reason for me to be here is plain and simple: I would like to 
contribute to future events like the CCC-camp and -congress and it's 
Dutch equivalents. In the long run, I would like to see the hacker 
community to grow, to be one in it's diversity and to be take seriously 
by the outside world. 

A month ago I have joined Eelco on the board of the IFCAT-foundation.  
When browsing thru the feedback that was given afterwards, I started 
thinking about ways of capturing the knowledge (evaluating is one thing, 
learning is another). You seem to be doing more or less exactly that, 
although your implementation is a bit more high level then I had in 

Anyways, I like the format, so I will definitely start contributing.

Rejo Zenger
E rejo at zenger.nl  P +31(0)639642738  W https://rejo.zenger.nl  T @rejozenger
GP 1FBF 7B37 6537 68B1 2532  A4CB 0994 0946 21DB EFD4
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