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Nick Farr nick at nickfarr.org
Mon Jan 27 02:13:28 CET 2014

I was referring to push notifications on the app.  When there are schedule
changes, the app should notify you.  The app should also occasionally push
"fun" messages once or twice a day that people can talk about.

However, you're absolutely right--there should be an option for updates
through whatever medium the attendees prefer.  E-mail and SMS are a minimum.

There were several message feeds from the info desk.  There was an attempt
at a "visual paging" system for attendees.  However, the info desk should
be keeping track of  should be the "hub" of activity which all the teams
feed into.  I totally agree there should be a system for the submission of
pretty much any piece of information.  It would be great to have an
"internal timeline" to look back on to help jar memories as to what to
improve for subsequent events.

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On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 4:09 AM, Piet De Vaere <piet at devae.re> wrote:

>    1. The part about push notifications got me thinking: There isn't
>    really a good way to reach everyone at the event. But during registration,
>    we ask everyones email. So what if we would use email to send out daily
>    messages from orga? Ofcourse we'd have to be very careful to keep the
>    messages to a minimum, and not to spam.
>    2. On the info desk update thingy: I've heard from an angel that the
>    30c3 that there was some kind of message feed for the info desk. I think it
>    would be a great idea to set this up at all events. If you give every
>    teamlead write permissions to it, it could be a very handy way to keep
>    track of what is going on during the event. Not only for the infodesk, but
>    for the entire orga. This feed should contain al important team updates in
>    twitter style.
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