[Hacker-event-theory] Thoughts on the location of resources

Nick Farr nick at nickfarr.org
Sun Jan 26 06:07:17 CET 2014

Electronic/Planning resources:

Event Schedule: Ideally, an event should have all its activities available
on its website, mobile app and kiosks.  There should be kiosks near the
entrances to each hall and throughout in obvious places. Push notifications
should be enabled for events that are cancelled.  Events should not be
rescheduled, except in exceptional circumstances such as a speaker
cancellation, Edward Snowden showing up, etc.

Volunteer System: A volunteer-driven event should have systems in place to
allow anyone to volunteer.  Public terminals to allow volunteers to sign
up, register and change their shifts should be made available in the
volunteer lounge (i.e. Heaven.)

Wiki/Self-Organizing: Systems to allow attendees to self-organize should be
put into place and well documented.  They should also be run on redundant
hardware and locally mirrored.

Staff Communications:  If the venue is too large for a single shout to be
heard easily everywhere, then staff should have some kind of radios.
 Ideally, a phone system is in place, but this is usually impractical.  If
the staff is larger than 10 people, then the staff should have distinct
channels for handling of radio traffic.  The Info Desk should be monitoring
all channels.

Physical Resources:

Note:  Once located, none of these resources should move at all during the

Info Desk:  The info desk should be centrally located.  Ideally, it should
be impossible to enter the event, change halls or leave without passing by
the info desk.  The Info Desk should be briefed hourly by the organizers
and each department head so that they have an answer to "every question"
from "where is Room 1?" to "who pulled the fire alarm at the party last

Speaker Desk/Lounge: If necessary, the speaker desk/lounge should be
centrally located to all the lecture halls, but equally situated so guests
or speakers can be easily escorted there from the entrance.  This area
should be quiet and comfortable for speakers to prepare their talks.

Volunteer Lounge: Ideally, the volunteer lounge is tucked away deep in the
event space, but still located close enough to all volunteer posts.  The
volunteer lounge should be one of the most comfortable and well-stocked
areas of the entire event.  It should be possible for volunteers to be fed
well enough in the volunteer lounge that they need not seek food or
beverages from the outside until the event is closed.

Additional thoughts?

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