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On 04/05/2014 09:46 PM, Rejo Zenger wrote:

>> - It helps a lot if there is some sanitation on terrain before
>> you arrive. Putting it all there is a lot of trouble that you
>> should avoid. Putting some extra toilets there is a lot less
>> troublesome than having to arrange it all.
> Exactly.

We had a deal with campsite 'Berendonck' near Nijmegen, and prepared
for that. It had toilets, water, basic power infrastructure to use
during buildup... But then we had to cancel the deal and switch to the
backup field, being Geestmerambacht. Without any infrastructure at all.

>> - Having water and sewage on terrain before you arrive is worth
>> around 70K - 100K.
> If you would have the infrastructure for power as well, what would
> your estimate be?

A campsite with power infrastructure capable of hosting our kind of
evets does not exist in NL. Our power consumption is extreme in it's
properties, both in power consumed as length and structure of the
power network.

However, we could of course arrange some small generators to power
parts of the infrastructure during early stages of buildup, like network.

>>> - financial - expences made during the event should be
>>> registered in a system right away (preferably, there is a
>>> system that allows the volunteer to enter the details in the
>>> system themselves and have the volunteer attach a scan of the
>>> invoice immediately)
>> Would be very nice to have software available to support this. We
>> had arranged the CCC Koln cash desks, sadly this arrangement was
>> aborted due to Foxgate. But yes, an hosted solution on site would
>> be best.
> Ok. If there was no such as Foxgate, than this issue would have
> been resolved for OHM? Or, to put it differently, this software is
> readily available - of there is no such thing as a Foxgate.

No, it is more that because of the withdrawal of hardware, software
and an expert team(!) we had to focus on inventing the basics, and
having a good system for reimbursements moved to the lower priorities.
It doesn't matter much if it's done on paper, as long as it is
processed by a team on site or shortly after.


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