[Hacker-event-theory] turning feedback from ohm into learning points

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Sat Apr 5 22:53:12 CEST 2014

++ 03/04/14 19:38 -0400 - Nick Farr:
>I meant to comment on them as well, in an overview sense, but it seems
>Eelco beat me to the most salient points.

For now, I'll just reply with more questions. In the end I will attempt 
to summarize all of the comments and create some content useable. 

>"Try to find a location that is remote, but not entirely without
>infrastructure. A location that has sufficient grid power, shelter,
>water and sewage facilities for the setup and teardown is ideal."

Wondering: why remote? 

>>> teams should be mixed of NL and DE volunteers, site takes precedence
>The teams that do most of these things are already set and organic. The
>NOC folks are the same at every event, it should be more or less like
>that with every team except content and core orga.

Not sure how to interpret your comment. For OHM, the "mixed-teams"-idea 
already was in place (apart from content and core orga)? 

>As far as reimbursement or other things, there should be a "finance help
>desk" where people can submit something for reimbursement. They fill out
>a form, tape their receipt to the back of it, and the help desk scans it
>for the back office and hands it back to the requester.
>Once the back office approves the expense, they can pick up their cash
>reimbursement at the ticket office in exchange for their receipt and form.

This not solves the problem I mentioned. The form that people have to 
fill in should be digital and the scan should be done right away and 
attached to that form. In that case, the data is re-usable.

>However, it shouldn't be wasted. The people who run the CCC kitchen have
>this function down pretty well. This isn't something that needs to be
>reinvented in that respect.

And because of Foxgate, those volunteers didn't show up to do the 
cooking along with their Dutch peers? I am asking, because there have 
been a number of comments on the vollunteer food.

>>> - Communication of programm changes. Not sure how to solve this.

The festivals I have been involved (most notably, the International Film 
Festival of Rotterdam) always have some programm changes for a variety 
of reasons. You can't avoid that and you should be prepared - and no, it 
doesn't have to be a big problem, as long as you handle it right way. 

>Aside from that, a whiteboard, chalkboard, magnet letter board or other
>low-tech solution is perfect for each event space.  Don't waste power on
>things people can look up on the wi-fi on their cell phone.

Exactly. Although I presume one maintains the "master" program digitaly 
and it should be fairly easy to extract information for the public out 
of that (or provide some API to have others create something). 

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