[Hacker-event-theory] Mailman day and time to kick-off some conversations

Walter van Holst walter.van.holst at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 1 12:46:19 CEST 2013


Since we have started this list, it has stayed remarkably silent.
Therefore a few thoughts:

- To me the purpose of this list is to absorb the lessons of OHM2013 and
HAR2009 and to provide a set of best practices and a
script/blueprint/template for multi-day, outdoors, hacker events.
Preferably in the form of a book.

As part of that, I'd like to hear thoughts on what to the good people on
this list actually is the purpose of a hacker camp? What do you get out
of it, what should it provide?

Another question I think is very important is on substance: how do we
map out the dependencies the various parts that make camps work? Because
to me the structure of such a document should follow that dependency map.

Your thoughts on both of these, and other issues, would be much appreciated.



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