[hackerspaces] ///Hacking in Parallel - Berlin/// 27-30 December

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 20 00:55:08 CET 2022

Hi All,

The big Congress, 37C3 in Hamburg, was canceled.  And people around the world are encouraged to create their own gatherings for the same dates:  27-30 December.

Here in Berlin I and many others are organizing ///Hacking in Parallel - Berlin///.  We have a venue for 400 people, and many wonderful ideas lining up.  Talks, workshops, performances, art & beauty, and chaos of all sorts.  It is going to be a really nice gathering.  Our CfP (Call for Participation) is now open!  If you want to be in Berlin for the dead of winter and would like to participate, please submit a proposal.  (You do not need to be an expert, or have any previous experience.)

Tickets to attend will be on sale soon...


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