[hackerspaces] Hacking Decision Making for the Masses

hellekin hellekin at hackerspaces.org
Mon May 30 11:01:33 CEST 2022

On 5/29/22 16:40, Louis David Venancio wrote:
>> 1/ Internet has to be distributed over the entire planet
>> (almost there!) BUT free access is mandatory.

I don't think we're almost there, but indeed there are terrific efforts 
to bring about 5G and dismiss previous technologies (e.g., 3G in the 
USA). Unfortunately I don't think the usual "progress" is ecologically 
sound, as most of the energy is consumed before devices hit the market.

>> 2/ One connected computer per city or village should
>> be enough.

I like the idea, but I can't see how this is possible outside of Africa, 
where there is some cultural background to it. Even there, a single 
computer means a SPOF, and given that in many megalopolis buildings are 
themselves becoming their own data centers (being computerized to show 
off highrise-size displays) we're very far from any kind of probably 
decision-making process to make this happen.

>> and resiliant to heavy meteor showers and any
>> Natural disaster as Nuclear bombs.

I don't think those threats are of any importance with regard to the 
ecological threat already set in motion.

>> 3/ Voting for IDEAS should be chosen over voting for
>> people, even randomly chosen.

This is what Heather Marsh has been proposing ever since Binding Chaos 
in 2014. Her upcoming books may be of interest to you on this and other 

>> 4/ Each agreed IDEA should be applied or taken for True.

Do you mean, like the Nielsen-Ninomiya Theorem?

>> 5/ HTTPS and any encryption is useless in times of
>> total peace.

I fear total peace won't happen in our lifetime, unless it's total death.

>> 6/ This text is mine and you are not authorized to modify it.

I don't think you can do anything towards your goals with this premise.
Hackers don't wait for authorization: they rely on invention. Anyway, is 
responding to your email not a way of modifying it?

>> 8/ also a bit off-topic: Marijuana should be free.

Maybe LSD might be of interest in the context of HDM for the Masses.
As Alex mentioned elsewhere, The Rose of Paracelsus: On Secrets & 
Sacraments, by William Leonard Pickard, is now available as ebook, and a 
new print is on the way for August 2022. Hint. Hint. Speculative fiction 
to change the world with acid. Woohoo!


Oh, and while we're at it. Hacking Decision Making for the Masses is 
called propaganda, it's in use everywhere. I find it as unethical as 
your proposal to force "ze masses" into decisions. Maybe shutting up the 
occidental loudmouth and listening to other cultures might be a good 
start to avoid global catastrophe. But are we really able to STFU?


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