[hackerspaces] Hacking Decision Making for the Masses

Louis David Venancio metabaron at massmulti.org
Sun May 29 01:30:23 CEST 2022

Santiago-do-Cacem, Portugal. 2022/05/29

Hacking Decision Making for the Masses


This subject has to be treated with a top priority.

Think about it and analyse that :

Life on Earth is threatened by our conservatism and fake


Engines, Electricity, Rockets, 3D-Printers, Chipsets,

Crypto-Currencies, HTTPS, are not the solutions to save us.

1/ Internet has to be distributed over the entire planet

(almost there!) BUT free access is mandatory.

2/ One connected computer per city or village should

be enough.

The method to power it will depend on context.

The method to connect it to Internet should be fast

and resiliant to heavy meteor showers and any

Natural disaster as Nuclear bombs.

This computer has to resist physically to the same

conditions than said above. Storage should allow

every citizen to keep it's data safe (to be defined).

3/ Voting for IDEAS should be chosen over voting for

people, even randomly chosen.

4/ Each agreed IDEA should be applied or taken for True.

5/ HTTPS and any encryption is useless in times of

total peace.

6/ This text is mine and you are not authorized to modify it.

7/ off-topic: You do not talk about Fight Club ! ;D

8/ also a bit off-topic: Marijuana should be free.



PS: wikidebates.org FTW. <3. Over and OUT. Please comment and have fun.

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