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Louis David Venancio metabaron at massmulti.org
Wed Jun 1 05:39:37 CEST 2022

Yes Enrique, thank you for your time.
<3 !

Le 31/05/2022 à 07:30, Enrique a écrit :
> Good morning.
>> Life on Earth is threatened by our conservatism and fake
>> evolution.
> Totally true.
>> Engines, Electricity, Rockets, 3D-Printers, Chipsets,
>> Crypto-Currencies, HTTPS, are not the solutions to save us.
> Strange mix there, I don't see your point, those are wildly different 
> topics.
I'm not exact about Electricity "alone"... in a way it saves lifes, 
enables us to see at night, and of course powers our computers...
So I must modify to "Abuse of ..." (the rest of the phrase), like 
crypto-mining so many alt coins... or building too many chipsets which 
require huge mines for copper and "rare-earths", gold, manganese, 
silver. Oh and Magnets... my first magic contact with technology at 5 
years old or 6...
I was so amazed by magnets... aren't you ?
Which makes me think about Tesla, and the first inventors... ....... .

>> 1/ Internet has to be distributed over the entire planet
>> (almost there!) BUT free access is mandatory.
> Whether we like it or not, maintaining this giant infrastructure has a 
> lot of costs associated, so we are not going to get truly "free" access 
> any time soon. Public libraries who have computers available, or free 
> municipal wifi are the closest we are going to be to "free" during a 
> long time.
Yep true, but short term vision. Like highways, once the hardware is 
paid by first users, there will be only maintenance costs if I'm not 
wrong. Or if governments or town halls, decide to give it for free... 
like many cities are already doing like mine here in portugal.

I didn't find the OSHW project about satelites which is the concurent of 
Elon Musk's star-link. What's the name yet ? someone ?
What I mean is even with optic fibre or laser connexions with low 
bandwidth, We have to inter-connect everyone, so everyone can express 
new ideas and concepts or critics, or vote...

btw, optic fiber over oceans cost really a lot and may not resist to 
Natural disasters...

>> 2/ One connected computer per city or village should
>> be enough.
>> The method to power it will depend on context.
> That doesn't make any sense. 
Who decides how it's used, or who has
> access to it? It's true that we have a problem with the excessive 
> production of everything, including computers, and its associated 
> contamination, but moving to the opposite extrem is not the solution to 
> anything. Also, this whould supress the decentralized nature of the 
> Internet, one of it's main strenghts.
Quite super right. Indeed you make me think about RaspberryPis and all 
the billions of phones out there NOW... But again, the entire production 
is killing our planet... so put yourself in a Mad-Max context please...
Post Apocalyptic, so many times envisioned by hollywood............

>> The method to connect it to Internet should be fast
>> and resiliant to heavy meteor showers and any
>> Natural disaster as Nuclear bombs.
> "Nuclear bombs" are not natural disasters, and meteor showers are 
> innofensive.
I say HEAVY meteor showers. And heheh ok it's a typo s/as/or . Thank you.

>> 3/ Voting for IDEAS should be chosen over voting for
>> people, even randomly chosen.
> I don't see this solving anything, as manipulation/propaganda is already 
> being used to promote ideas instead of people.
I'm talking, as Aurelien Barrau does, about SCIENCE approved arguments. 
So.... do you understand that sometimes, and this is really OFTEN, what 
occident says is right... to answer also to Hellekin. But yes scientists 
lack respect because they are, not all, failing to explain what is after 
the event horizon of Sagitarius-A or if the Cosmos is a cell or inside a 
giant "something"... but at our scale, here on earth, science works 
pretty well.
Recalling me that we should use UV-C to fight viruses more than alcohol, 
or both but really MASSIVELY.

>> 4/ Each agreed IDEA should be applied or taken for True.
> Nothing is really "true",
False like I just said. Are you good at logic ?

  any idea can be proven false or dangerous in
> any given time, so whathever system we have of governance, it has to be 
> flexible enough to accomodate this possibility.
>> 5/ HTTPS and any encryption is useless in times of
>> total peace.
> Never going to happen, but even if this theoretical "total peace" is 
> achieved, I still want my communications secured, because accidents 
> happen. Like a seatbelt in cars, but for communications.
... so you understand that I'm saying "stop https ?"... No... and yes... 
on the super long term... it just won't be needed. Imagine 
inter-planetary communications... https in that context would lower the 
bandwidth... or between poor villages lost in the montains...
I mean, it's not always necessary and uses more energy than HTTP.

> Best regards.
Thank you.

> Enrique
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I will have to synthesis or correct my post.
But please keep answering to at the begining of the thread.
And try to see on long term, forgetting the news a bit.

PS: isn'it fun ? ;D

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