[hackerspaces] spaceapi.io to publish your open/close status (and attract visitors)

Dave Borghuis dave at tkkrlab.nl
Sun May 2 16:36:43 CEST 2021

Hi all hackers,

Are you familiar with https://spaceapi.io ? This is a way to publish you 
space open/closed status so visitors know when you are open. There are 
already many supporting apps eg https://mapall.space 
<https://mapall.space/> (made by me) where you can see live what spaces 
are open. There is also a wordpress plugin so you can add it to your 
site. This is already popular in Europe but only a few usa hackerspaces 
use this, so my aim is to make it more popular in world/usa. If you have 
any questions let me know or head to https://spaceapi.io 

If you don't want to use this, what are your reasons to not do so? Maybe 
the next version of the spaceapi could be changed to solve your objections.

In short the api is a json file that you publish on your site, other 
apps can read this file and use the live data. This way you can publish 
your open/closed status, temperature, stock of club-mate, number of 
people present and much more. Use your imagination what you can do with 
this api.



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