[hackerspaces] Closed Makerspaces during Corona times

Corinna Burkhart corinna.burkhart at keg.lu.se
Tue Feb 9 13:43:45 CET 2021

Dear maker, hacker, mender, tinkerer

This is a call for you to take part in a survey.

Given the current pandemic situation, where many makerspaces are closed 
to slow down the spread of Covid-19, this survey provides a space for 
you to share your thoughts. How do you experience this situation, where 
you are unable to visit your local makerspace or open workshop?

The survey is part of a research project at the Department of Human 
Geography in Lund, Sweden.

Here you find the survey and as well as further information: 

Please share the invitation with others who might have something to say 
on the matter.

I'm looking forward to receiving your answers!


Corinna Burkhart
PhD Candidate
Department of Human Geography
Lund University

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