[hackerspaces] Collecting & Reusing 3D Printing Filament Reels & Spools

Claudio Donndelinger cdonndelinger at midsouthmakers.org
Tue Apr 13 16:20:47 CEST 2021

Hello all!

Does your hackerspace have a large pile of empty 3D printing filament reels
stashed after the CV19 PPE printing efforts? Here at Midsouth Makers
<http://midsouthmakers.org/>, we have several giant trash bags worth. We're
sending our collected empty filament reels to IC3D Printers, a filament
manufacturer & print services bureau in Columbus Ohio. Disclosure, I'm
lucky enough to work with them.

If you'd like to help keep any IC3D and Micro Center Inland brand empty
filament reels out of the landfill and give them new life, they'll be used
to spool Recycled PETG filament and sent out for reuse.

More details & to sign up for the experimental launch of the Spool Return

If you'd like to deliver the empty IC3D/Inland brand filament reels to
Columbus, Ohio in person, IC3D is hosting a socially-distanced Open House,
RSVP here: https://www.ic3dprinters.com/event/first-annual-spool-return-day/

Happy hacking!

Claudio Donndelinger
Midsouth Makers <http://midsouthmakers.org>
2804 Bartlett Rd, Suite 3
Memphis, TN 38134
[Discord <https://discord.gg/AjUdR36Jur>]
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