[hackerspaces] CNC router in Europe

opit opit at technariumas.lt
Thu Oct 22 15:07:55 CEST 2020

Hi folks,
we (Technarium) received some funding and are looking for a CNC wood 
router (1200x2500mm work area, ATC would be a big bonus). As far as we 
can see, for the amount we have (~12 000E) we could either ship a 
machine from China with all the risks that entails, or pay this amount 
to resellers here in Europe and get less options (almost surely -- no 
ATC). A Lithuanian dealer here is asking far too much for too little, 
and does not seem to be a trustworthy person.
Have any of you bought a similar machine for your spaces? Perhaps you 
know an European reseller you had a pleasant experience with? 
Germany/Poland/the Baltic region is probably the most relevant.
Thanks a lot,

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