[hackerspaces] Map with all hackerspaces, fablabs and makerspaces (?)

Anna Waldman-Brown annawab at fabfolk.com
Thu Mar 19 21:33:15 CET 2020

Hi Dave,

This is awesome, thank you! We tried to do this a few years ago, but never managed to finish the API’s or debug our website— so I’m very happy to see this finally working. Especially since folks are suddenly looking to hackerspaces/fab labs around the world for making emergency medical supplies <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-71FJTmI1Q1kjSDLP0EegMERjg_0kk_7UfaRE4r66Mg/edit?usp=sharing&fbclid=IwAR06uqkcgpyX4ybrFh-zN4gkPi5aiflJxQMeo2rY35JKcQ5kXKjMRxBIt3s>!

My team did find a bunch of unlisted spaces, mostly across Africa, the Americas, and Southeast Asia— want to just grab our data and verify the links yourself? Our map is here https://www.atlasofinnovation.com/ <https://www.atlasofinnovation.com/> and I'll send you the CSVs of spaces if you’re interested. You should be able to gauge the status of these additional spaces by their websites, just like any hackerspaces.org <http://hackerspaces.org/> spaces.

Feel free to use any of our code/UI if useful since it’s all open-source: https://github.com/AnanseGroup/atlas_of_innovation <https://github.com/AnanseGroup/atlas_of_innovation>

Thanks again,

P.S. Good luck during this pandemic, and stay safe everybody!

> On Mar 14, 2020, at 3:28 PM, Dave Borghuis <dave at tkkrlab.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> I made a map with ALL hackerspaces,fablabs and makerspaces on one map. There were already several similar maps online but they were all sooner of later out of date. I solve this by getting my data updated regular from hackerspaces.org <http://hackerspaces.org/> wiki,spaceapi and fablab.io <http://fablab.io/> . If you want to learn more about this project check out the site faq. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know.
> https://mapall.space/ <https://mapall.space/>
> Source : https://github.com/zeno4ever/map-all-spaces <https://github.com/zeno4ever/map-all-spaces>
> PS : if you don't know the spaceapi, in short you place a json file on your site publish your hackerspace data like if its open/closed right now and other static/dynamic data. On the mapall.space map you can then see what spaces are open now. Check their site on https://spaceapi.io <https://spaceapi.io/>
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