[hackerspaces] Map with all hackerspaces, fablabs and makerspaces (?)

riot riot at c-base.org
Sat Mar 14 22:52:43 CET 2020


On 3/14/20 8:28 PM, Dave Borghuis wrote:
> I made a map with ALL hackerspaces,fablabs and makerspaces on one map.
> There were already several similar maps online but they were all sooner
> of later out of date. I solve this by getting my data updated regular
> from hackerspaces.org <http://hackerspaces.org/> wiki,spaceapi and
> fablab.io <http://fablab.io/> . If you want to learn more about this
> project check out the site faq. If you have any feedback or suggestions
> please let me know.
> https://mapall.space/
> Source : https://github.com/zeno4ever/map-all-spaces

While you have the Hackerfleet listed nicely (appreciated), the map is
missing c-base, which seems a tad odd. Something wrong with our data?

Maybe the map doesn't like dashes?


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* Isomer - the decentralized application framework: https://isomer.eu
* Hackerfleet Operating System: https://hackerfleet.github.io

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