[hackerspaces] Google to release your location data to help fight coronavirus pandemic

David Venancio de Campos metabaron at massmulti.org
Mon Apr 13 11:22:35 CEST 2020

Yop. Good "whatever" from portugal.

Facts: admins from data-centers are bound by contract to their company. 
If some data is stolen and nobody gets caught... it's stolen and nobody 
gets caught... (recusive one, insert "deepness" factor, the rober gets 
robed etc...)

A contract is just a piece of paper, and "word" given that the admins 
won't do no bullshit... and that's the bottleneck of internet security : 
access to hardware in data-centers.

Now I don't want to say "data center admins" are all bad, I say "they 
can turn bad"... So "no you'r not paranoid", it's a fact, data is often 
stolen "by anonymous guy/girl inside"... now what ? encrypt or just 
don't publish anywhere.

Keep a computer "off the grid" for your Precisous data. Unconnected and 
hidden ? why not. Data has turned the new gold... maybe... I don't 
know... for me the ideas are gold... so I keep them on paper or on 
github/gitlab like my "anti-loose-phone" : 

Thanks Cecilia for this cute e-mail.

Wear a mask made with a t-shirt at least !

Any face "barrier" is good.

Take care all. My french machine is connected h24 on IRC. Let me a /msg 
meta_4 if you like to interact with "this". ;>

Over and out ! Your turn !


On 11/04/2020 03:54, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> Hellooo!  Hope everybody is feeling amazingly happy!  I do!  :D
> Sorry for being late, but it was a religious holiday in Brazil and I 
> took the whole day for family, friends, and woke almost now, in the 
> couch of a couple of friends, with  one little dog, two fat cats, and 
> an unknown baby over me.  I would really appreciate some pics, 
> hihi...  <3
> Sorry, I am still very sleepy.  Being sincere, I only woke up because 
> the baby pooped a lot and my dreams are becoming nightmares about 
> having diarrhea when talking in public.  :((
> Still talking about nightmares, in the last years, I collected a lot 
> of creepy stories about ""anonymized data""  (lots of air quotes 
> here!),  so I think I am becoming a bit neurotic, paranoid,  <insert 
> other similar adjectives>,  about the real honesty of some sites and 
> companies.
> But I am just a stupid sleepy lawyer, not an InfoSec SuperMaster, so I 
> will go home to take a warm shower and sleep again, zzz...  <3
> Much love and warm snugglehugs, my dear friends...  Good night and 
> sweet dreams!  <3
> Ceci (-_-)*zzzleepy
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> Hackerspace.  <3
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