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Fri Apr 10 00:29:59 CEST 2020

How to Be a Statistical Detective:

Simple ways to sleuth out statistical errors


Statistical errors are all too common in medical literature, and contribute
to the reproducibility crisis currently plaguing science. Fortunately, you
don’t need a degree in statistics to catch these errors. While some errors
are impossible to spot without access to the underlying dataset, many are
detectable just by reviewing the information available in the paper. In
many cases nothing more than common sense and simple arithmetic is
required. In addition, there is an ever-increasing number of free,
easy-to-use online statistical tools that facilitate error detection.

In this session, Dr. Sainani will demonstrate how to apply these
statistical sleuthing tools using real examples from medical literature.
She will also review principles of effective statistics that can help
prevent statistical errors from occurring in the first place.

You will learn:

   - Simple ways to detect statistical errors in medical literature
   - How to avoid errors by using principles of effective statistics
   - How to use free, online statistics tools that don’t require a
   programming background


Register and watch it now, woohoo!  <3

Disinfected tender kisses and warm hugs from Brazil!  Please take care and
be well, my lovely friends!  <3

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