[hackerspaces] Covid19 Hacker/Maker Challenge: ViralBallTrack

Danilo mail at dbrgn.ch
Sat Apr 4 18:16:46 CEST 2020

Hey all

We (people from "Coredump" and "Makers im Zigerschlitz", two hackerspaces / makerspaces in Switzerland) have a Covid19-Challenge for you: Build a module for a modular ball track ("Kugelbahn")!

How? That's up to you, as long as you use compatible entry-exit modules and as long as your base plate has the correct dimensions.

Goals of the challenge:

- Create a Hacker- and Maker-Challenge in times of COVID-19 isolation
- Give families a fun way of spending time together during quarantine, brainstorm ideas, invent mechanisms, learn by trial and error and admire their own builds and the works of other participants.
- Hackerspaces / Makerspace / Schools / Libraries can prefabricate kits and sell them with a small margin to support their institution.

As soon as the storm passes by and we get to meet in person again we'll be able to daisy-chain our tracks and admire all the creativity coming from several weeks of isolation.

Details can be found here: https://github.com/Makers-Im-Zigerschlitz/ViralBallTrack

The project chat is on our Mattermost instance (https://chat.coredump.ch/coredump/channels/viralballtrack) and on Matrix (#viralballtrack:matrix.coredump.ch).

Please share the word and build stuff :)


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