[hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap

J. Grenzfurthner [Das Ende der Nahrungskette] jg at monochrom.at
Thu Apr 2 15:37:16 CEST 2020

My friends at the makerspace in Durango, Colorado did a really great 
job building equipment for Colorado hospitals.


At 15:29 02.04.2020, you wrote:
>Hi fellow hackers Just as a friendly reminder, when making DIY 
>health eqipment, please keep this thread in mind: 
>https://twitter.com/FauthNiklas/status/1242064388300947456 There are 
>some areas where DIY has its place (see this case of a modded 
>Decathlon scuba diving mask converted into a CPAP mask 
>https://twitter.com/RiccardoMasutti/status/1242211351189217287), but 
>devices like ventilators are probably not it. Besides that, in most 
>cases ventilators aren't even the bottleneck, but trained staff that 
>can run and monitor those devices is. (At least that's what I heard 
>from health professionals involved in Covid treatment.) Furthermore, 
>3D printing can result in porous surfaces, which is a property you 
>don't want in most medical applications because it's really hard to 
>clean / disinfect properly. Anyways, doing things like building 
>masks out of fabric, old clothes, napkins or vacuum cleaner bags 
>makes sense though, as long as you don't cut up actual medical masks 
>to get the filters: 
>https://twitter.com/bornity/status/1243605767078502400 Also, don't 
>claim any serious protection (they reduce the risk a bit, they don't 
>protect) and if you live in Germany don't call them 
>to avoid getting sued. Cheers & keep hacking, Danilo 
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