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Wait, were they talking about "capitalism" or "cannibalism" in terms of
"manufacturing superfluous lives"?

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> the phrase is "look beyond the scientific discourse centered on a
> panicking West". Mbembe is not a luddite, but rather centers his critique
> of the institutions of science. the ideals are lovely, but in this crisis
> we see colonial, capitalist, and nationalist divides everywhere. Why is
> everyone using different tests for COVID-19? because ownership of those
> tests and patents is valuable. why is there a shortage of ventilators in
> the US? because the manufacturers of them sabotaged attempts to build a
> strategic reserve of them in the past, and made repair difficult. and on
> and on.
> we can't expect science to save us on it's own, because it's dependent on
> the institutions that fund and shape it, it isn't a neutral force. mbembe's
> argument is that many of the crises we're seeing have happened before in
> predatory crises in Africa (like holding AIDS drugs over the heads of poor
> Africans with no choice but to pay) and we should learn from that.
> "...so that together with the rest of the world we can put an end to the
> “manufacture of superfluous lives” set up by capitalism."
> That's the nicest way I've ever been called a "worthless eater."
> Did the hair on the back of anyone else's neck stand up reading that?
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