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Wed Jan 9 13:43:03 CET 2019

On 2018-12-29 23:51, Dave Borghuis wrote:
> For who attended the discussion, the notes are on :
> https://pad.tkkrlab.space/p/hackerspacesorg [1]

Thank you for this. I'm so sad to see there's only one admin left. But 
I'm also quite happy that the "Content Review" thread was picked up by 
enthusiastic people.

For the sake of record, and for people willing to pick up some 
discussion topics, follows a copy of the pad.




– central wiki
– mailing list
– other services

Connect to hackerspaces to communicate with each other

– 1 admin left, no one left.
– searching for help, good information
– helping new spaces out
– domainregistration in community hands

– backup domain : hackspace.org

Problem is getting more content
- problem was with hackerspaces in italy, some were down. Data is not 
- spaceapi, persons are in the house
- if page is not changes for x time put a 'overlay'   18 months
- not everyone maintian there the information- more sources to see if a 
space still active
- not all spaces are real spaces are 'real' spaces. Some are commercial 
or dead
- the awesome list (at github) 
- crowd source information, but a wiki is already able to do this.
- integrate some spaceapi data in the wiki
- first make things better (later great)
- when do you get listed, what is a real 'hackerspace'
   - makerspaces?
   - co-working spaces?
- offer for coordinate to check the 'pages', to check what is what.
- add extra properties like open 24/7 - commercial - organisation form 
    - Whats the use of this information?
    - Who decides what counts as commercial for example?
- what to do with old hackerspaces, put it in history
- is it a good place for projects, admins are busy right now. Maybe a 
extra subdomain. You can do nice things in wiki if you can do there go 
- what can hackerspaces.org offer to other people
- if someone/hackerspace want to do work, this is available
- do we need government?
- can you do something for e.g. 5 years (if you want to start a new 
project on hackerspaces.org)
- preferance for decentralised services

- what is hackerspaces.org for you

     - central list

     - point for information

- site is more a place of different communities, from eg asia, south 
africa etc.
- different hackerspaces have different (financial) models

futher discussion on mailing list (discussion at hackerspaces.org)

For dave :
Twitter – dit jaar 7? berichten
map  – open steetmap
gebruiken van spaceapi ?

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