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On Wed, Jan 02 2019, Aljaž Srebrnič wrote:

>> On 31 Dec 2018, at 19:05, maxigas <maxigas at anargeek.net <mailto:maxigas at anargeek.net>> wrote:
>> Thanks for picking this up.  I am happy to collaborate if we hammer out
>> a workflow.  Where should we coordinate?
> I’d use this mailing list for discussion, the IRC channel for quick queries and the wiki, maybe a meta category could be added?

Perfect.  I am on ircs://irc.freenode.org/hackerspaces  I guess that is
the one.

>> In particular is there someone writing some script to have all the
>> contact info from the wiki in a csv or something so it can be used for
>> sending out the emails?
> I just added a "CSV export” link to the Country template that exports
> the info to contact a hackerspace. If it’s not present click on the
> ”refresh” button on the top of the page!

Brilliant!  Should I go through the Eastern European hackerspaces then?
We could have a wiki page or pad where volunteers can sign up to refresh

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