[hackerspaces] Hacker Culture, Education and Empowerment

Alexandre Garcia Aguado aleaguado at educahacker.cc
Fri Oct 26 15:22:19 CEST 2018

Good Afternoon!!!

I'm Alexandre, from São Paulo - Brazil and i'm part of MindHacker (a
little hackerspace built last year inside the Federal Instituto in
Capivari/SP). I'm also part of some groups and projects that aims to
bring the hacker culture to the schools and connect schools with the
hacker communities.

As part of these efforts, i started last year an investigation about
hacker culture, education and empowerment. At moment, something very
important to us is better understand the characteristics of hacker
culture around the world and it relation with people and community
empowerment/emancipation. To better understand this, i created a brief
questionnaire and i would like to ask your help answering it, if possible!

Thanks a lot for the help! For those who research this subject or have
some interest on it, ping us and let's be in touch.

The questionnaries links are:

    English: http://educahacker.cc/survey/index.php/881144?lang=en

    Portuguse: http://educahacker.cc/survey/index.php/881144?lang=pt-BR

    Spanish: http://educahacker.cc/survey/index.php/881144?lang=es




-- Alexandre Garcia Aguado Instituto Federal de São Paulo / Universitat
Autónoma de Barcelona Twitter: @Ale_Aguado

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