[hackerspaces] Lockers in a hackerspace?

webmind webmind at puscii.nl
Sun Oct 7 13:35:26 CEST 2018

On 04/10/2018 18:13, Chad Elish wrote:
> We’re talking about putting lockers in our space. Currently we have shelves that a member can store a tote on.
> Would like your input on pros/cons.

At Technologia Incognita we we managed to get a pile of plastic
stackable grey boxes and we use those as 'member boxes', you can use one
when you are a member and there are any left. Due to a shortage people
have also started building some themselves and there was even a
woodworking workshop about it. Generally the size is whatever fits on
the shelves. Generally the boxes aren't lockable but there might be some
that are, it's up to the user/owner.

We've had shortage problems, but that's with space in general. At some
point we also had a clean-up for boxes of ex-members.

Overall it seems to work fine.

w. o/

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